Mila 23 is a village in the north of Tulcea county, in the Danube Delta, 53 km away from Tulcea, located on the Dunarea Veche channel which is branching to the left from the arm leading to Sulina, at about half the distance between Tulcea and the Black Sea. It can be accessed only by water.

The name of the Mila 23 village is given by the nautical mile allotted to the area, as a marking sign of the distance on the old Sulina arm.

Mila 23, a typical fishermen village, is the only Lipovan settlement in the delta from the end of the 19th century, which despite the numerous floodings (from those times with no floodwall to protect the village), succeeded in preserving its archaic charm, and continues to present an authentic image of the picturesqueness specific to fishermen villages and to a lifestyle that has survived unchanged throughout centuries.

Located at the heart of the delta, Mila 23 is surrounded by a manifold of charming landscapes, such as Lideanca, Radacinos, Trei iezere, Bodaproste, Matita, Babina, Nebunu and Fortuna lakes or Sontea, Eracle, Lopatna and Olguta channels, home for thousands of pelicans, swans or aigrettes.

At the same time, the Mila 23 village is renowned as the most important attraction of the Danube Delta for those passionate about sport fishing. Mila 23 is deemed to be the centre of the triangle formed by the three arms of the Danube and one of the most important starting posts of the routes traversing one of the most picturesque areas of the delta.

The Romanian canoer Ivan Patzaichin, four-time Olympic Champion, admiral of the golden fleet of Romania in 5 editions of the Olympic Games, was born in 1949 in the Mila 23 village, and is the most renowned sportsman from Tulcea county.